Handsoff is not against mobile phones, but wants to discourage people from using them while driving.

Handsoff started life on the Channel Island of Jersey, led by Paul Newman after his sister Ellen was killed in a road crash in which the driver was using a mobile phone.
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Handsoff has four main aims:

1. Undertake charitable work to help raise awareness, educate and inform the public to the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving.

2. Continue to lobby the government to do all in its power to help save lives and prevent wholly unnecessary suffering to victims, their families and friends.

3. Encourage businesses, big or small to help / assist where possible and help with this major public issue.

4. Enlist the support of influential people from all walks of life, whoever they may be, celebrities etc and remember this affects us all.

Over the coming weeks and months much more material is planned to be added to this site, covering:

• Paul Newman's story and the background to the Handsoff campaign.

• UK law and mobile phone use while driving.

• Good practice driver communication on mobile phone use while driving.

• The effects of mobile phone use on driving.

• Research findings regarding mobile phones and driving.

• Sample good practice policies and guidance documents for mobile phone use while driving.

• Cases studies of good and poor practice.

• Advice and information.

• Links to other relevant sites.

• A blog to hear 'your stories' of good and poor practice.

• Campaign supporters.

• How to donate funds to the campaign.

• Other issues as they arise.
For more details about our campaign, please contact Paul Newman:

Telephone - 07797 731771
Email - paul.newman@handsoffphone.net